Corregidor Island.


We took a ferry going to Corregidor Island. It was an hour and fifteen minutes, the journey was okay. It was not as bad as we thought it would be.

When we arrived in the island and people are starting to ride their own buses for the tour, we decided to walk around and discover the place on our own. It was a good idea at first. We had the time to ourselves which means we can roam around but I know that we may not be able to see the other historical places on feet.


We went to Malinta tunnel where we watched the show for thirty minutes. We watched it with the other tourists as well and because I am already tired, I asked the locals if there’s another way to go around the island and they suggested to hire a jeepney for 800 pesos for two hours for both of us. We were so glad that we did!

Malinta Tunnel from one side to the other.

The driver fetched us from Malinta Tunnel down to the Admin Office to pay for the tour. We went back to the tunnel to have our own tour inside the 1,000 hospital beds. I am impressed by the tunnel as it is as if a maze on its own. The old typewriters, tables, chairs, telephones, and radios are still in there. The darkness adds more feel to it like you’re part of the history, that you were there when the war happened.

Filipino Woman Statue and Filipino Heroes Museum

The Woman Behind. This statue represents the women behind every men in war. It is true that when a man leaves a house, it is the woman who carries out the responsibility.
Common Filipino. During the war, most of the Filipino soldiers are commoners. They were selected to serve their country.
Send Me There. This is located in front of the lighthouse and the numbers represent how far the city is from the island in nautical miles. They said that these numbers are very accurate.
Spanish Lighthouse. The view on top was amazing, the sky was clear and you can have a 360 view of the island and nearby places.
  • Sun Cruise – 1,500 pesos per pax for the Ferry trip
  • Malinta Tunnel Show – 200 pesos per pax
  • Jeepney Service + Tour guide – 800 pesos per journey
  • Food in the island – 200-400 pesos (Mostly Filipino food)

So in total for two people, we had to pay 4,600 pesos instead of 5,098 pesos. I know that the savings is small but we had the island ourselves and we were able to see places that the others were not able to see. If you’re stuck in Manila for the weekend and you want to see other places you may want to try this though it could be expensive.


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